Blind warrior women who serve the Splugorth


Every Altara is essentially identical: a tall, beautiful woman with slightly pointed ears, a shaven head, and no eyes. Almost every Altara a person might encounter is a servant of the dread Splugorth, extradimensional horrors who control the continent of Atlantis. They are typically encountered while wearing their distinctive “uniform”: a one-piece skinsuit, an eye-covering helmet, and various deadly weaponry. In the field, Altara are almost always accompanied by a Slaver or one or more Sunaj assassins.


Very little is known about the Altara, other than that they seem to be clones bred to serve the Splugorth. They are attractive by humanoid standards, though their eyeless faces can be a source of horror for those that look upon them. Altara fight like demons in the service of the Splugorth, though there are rumors of Altara deserting their masters and seeking freedom.


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